Top 3 supplements for balancing pH levels and curing thrush in 2017!

Last Update May 22nd, 2017

A happy, carefree woman who has cured her vaginal thrush
Did you know that a PH imbalance in your body is actually a leading cause in vaginal thrush infections!

In this article we are going to break down
exactly what a pH level is
how it affects you and also show you
how you can combat it immediately,
in doing so end your vaginal thrush infections for good.

Ph levels for combating vaginal thrush

So, like, what is a pH level then?

The human body – mine, yours, that creepy neighbour who freaks you out when you take out the garbage – all of us, our bodies are made up mostly of water.
The water that makes us up can have either acid or alkaline properties. These properties are easily measured by a scale called…wait for it…pH.

What does pH stand for?

pH stands for “potential Hydrogen” though that really isn’t important at this stage, you simply need to know what the measurements of pH mean!

The pH scale quickly explained!

Put simply, a low pH reading means there is a greater amount of acidity in your body. The higher the pH number, the higher the alkalinity.

The scale starts with 3.0 representing acidic, 9.0 representing alkaline (or base) and 7.0 being neutral and something you should aim to be. In the modern world that we live in today most females tend to sit in the 5.0 to 6.5 range. This range is too acidic.
As a general rule, women should be trying to maintain a 7.1pH and men a 7.3pH. If you’ve been playing along at home you will already have figured out that this is slightly alkaline (with 7.0 being neutral).

It is actually better to be slightly into the alkaline range than the acidic range, so that is why the recommended range is just above neutral.

What causes unhealthy pH levels?

Modern diets change pH levels dramatically
The reason most of us are probably sporting an acidic readout is mainly due to our “modern” diets. The foods we consume tend to create an acidic pH. Grains, coffee, eggs and meats as well as processed foods such as sodas, cereals and pastries are all leading causes of an acidic readout. To put the power of this into perspective listen to this! It takes 25 glasses of water to balance out 1 can of soda. Yep 25 glasses just to get you back to neutral.

Different parts of the body, different pH levels.

Each area of the body needs its on pH levelled environment. For example, the stomach needs a higher pH to help break down the meals we stuff our faces with as a high acidity level will do exactly that. The small intestine on the other hand has its own recommended pH level as does the large intestine! A body in complete pH balance will regulate all of these different areas all by its lonesome. Our bodies are pretty smart after all!
What we need to focus on here is “whole body pH” and not the pH levels of individual organs. After all, when your whole body pH is showing slightly alkaline then all the systems of the body will have a MUCH better time of functioning as they should!

Ok, got it, but how do I change the pH level in my body?

There are many ways to change your body’s pH level, and here at Thrush Crusader we’re gonna talk you through the best natural and medical solutions so you can find what is right for you.

The first and most natural way to change your body’s pH is through your diet choices…the food you consume. Eating vegetables (cooked) is the BEST way to maintain a healthy pH range in your body. Second to cooked veggies is fruit. An ideal diet for conquering your pH level would be something like 3 servings of cooked veg with a little fruit. This would result in a healthy pH level and therefore a healthy, happy body.

This is really, really hard to do in today’s society. We are so busy that it becomes very tiring, stressful and hard to continually have our diets at the forefront of our minds. So to help us all out there are supplements which are wonderful at filling in the gaps in our diet.

So…What are the best supplements to adjust pH levels for thrush?

1. #1 Candida Cleanse and Support Supplement
Candida Cleanse to balance pH levels and cure thrush
A High Potency 4-in-1 Natural Candida Complex for Yeast Infection and Bacterial Vaginosis with Caprylic Acid, Oregano Oil, Cellulase, Woodworm and Black Walnut.

This Candida Cleanse and Support Supplement offers what they call a “4 Stage Candida Cleanse Support”. What this means is that the elimination process of Candida (thrush) is supported through 4 necessary phases with this supplements own balance of herbal, probiotic and enzyme formulas. In normal speak, this winning combination helps break down Candida cell walls and purge the thrush causing cells from the body. It then restores healthy pH levels and strengthens the immune system.

Candida Cleanse also has multiple anti-fungal herbs included in its winning formula. What this does is stimulates a gentle and effective result. Other pH balancers and supplements may cause harsh irritating side effects, whereas the addition of anti-fungal herbs, enzymes and cleansers will reduce the unpleasant side effects that may be encountered in other brands.

Candida Cleanse also comes with 2 free e-books.
Sugar Free Yeast Infection Diet Secrets. This book highlights great diet choices to keep your thrush under control and is a great value addition.
The Complete Handbook of Natural Cures.

Candida cleanse also has a 100% money back guarantee. This is awesome because it means they really back their product, shouldering the risk. Simply request a refund if you are not happy. No silly questions and no hassle.

Amazon review –  5 Stars (5 / 5) 
“I’ve been battling with candida for the better part of a year now, and have tried various supplements with only marginal or temporary success. When I first read the reviews of this product I was a bit skeptical, but since it didn’t make any extravagant claims and listed helpful ingredients I knew from other sources, I figured it was worth trying. I’ve been on it two weeks now and I’m very impressed so far.”

2. Balance Complex – All-Natural Complete Female Wellness SupplementCure thrush and balance pH levels with Balance Complex

The benefit of this product over others is it’s “Yeast Management Support”. this is there to help you overcome vaginal itching, vaginal discharge, and bacteria buildup in your vagina. It supports a healthy intestinal function and helps embarrassing yeast overgrowth. And the best part is, it does all of this with an ALL-NATURAL supplement.

This all natural supplement also supports menopause and PMS relief and is absolutely focussed on yeast balance support by restoring and maintaining vaginal acidity, or as we have already discussed…pH levels!

By balancing the pH level and getting it into the optimal position (a neutral 7.0 or slightly above) you will benefit with no more female odor, smell or vaginal discharge.

Ingredients of the Balance Complex female hygiene supplement include Oregano Extract (1.75% volatile oils), Caprylic Acid (magnesium caprylate), Protease , L.Acidophilus, Cellulase , Aloe Vera Gel, Arabinogalactan (FiberAid) , Anise Seed , Reishi Mushroom, Black Walnut Hulls, Wormwood (artemisia).

Amazon review – Kimberly W. Larson 5 Stars (5 / 5) 
“I have tried many products to help create a healthy balance. This product is the best I have experienced. It creates the results I was looking without any side effects. I use it to support a healthy balance with my digestion track and manage candidal issues. I very please and I look forward to continuing this supplement.”

3. RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplement, 30-Count Capsules
Rephresh supplement to cure thrush

RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic is a simple but super effective tablet based probiotic that balances yeast & bacteria to maintain feminine health.

It has been clinically tested and was developed by doctors and unlike some other tablet based probiotics, RepHresh only insist you take 1 capsule per day orally as opposed to some other brands who suggest up to 4!
This means your pack lasts longer and does a whole lot more good per tablet.

It works by providing healthy probiotic lactobacillus. This is a supplement that effectively balances bacteria, yeast and pH levels to maintain your health.

1 capsule a day will help keep your vaginal pH levels in a normal and healthy range.

Amazon review – Lachica  5 Stars (5 / 5) 
“I freak’n love this stuff. I must admit, when I first brought it, I was skeptical. But I figured what the heck, I have nothing to lose but thirty bucks. It could be my vibrant imagination, but I noticed a difference within two days. A BIG DIFFERENCE!!! Ladies…you know what I mean. Well worth the investment.”

Amazon review – Kelly M.  5 Stars (5 / 5) 
I have s
uffered from horrible yeast and bacterial infections for the past five years. I have tried everything out there that is on the market and have taken every antibiotic available. Nothing has compared to these pills. I noticed a difference after about 5 days of taking these. I feel normal again and that is something I haven’t felt in years. The only reason I gave it four stars is because of the cost, but they are well worth it for eliminating my pain and suffering! I would definitely recommend this product if you suffer from frequent infections!

EXTRA! A completely natural supplement that is super healthy and yum!

Umeboshi Paste Pickled Plum Puree
Plum paste is a natural way to balance an acidic pH level

This is a firm favourite or ours! Umeboshi plum paste. It is available in some health food stores or can be grabbed on amazon here.

This is to be used when you feel your body is becoming too acidic! That means your pH levels are below 7.0.

To use it is simple, just take one teaspoon of it every day for a week. After your first week cut back your dosage to one teaspoon every few days, this is just for maintenance. Feel free to chase it with a little bit of water or adding it to another dish.

It works because of it’s super strength alkalising powers in the pickled fruits. It is quite sour to the taste (hence why most choose to chase it with water) but it will bring your pH levels into a good balance range very quickly. It is best used for quick fixes.

A little more info to help you balance your body’s pH levels.

Breathe…it helps, seriously!
One little known fact which can have a LOT of impact on balancing your pH levels is to…breathe. Yep, seriously, breathe! Not just any old breathing though. It needs to be deep, measured breaths where you really focus on bringing the breath right down into your body. It’s calming nature does wonders to a persons pH level and you should practice deep breathing whenever you have a spare few minutes. It is also a fact that exercise is a great encouragement of deep breathing.

A bit more on food choices and pH levels.

One of the most neutral products out tree to consume are dairy products. This means they won’’t push the scale one way or the other.
Unlike dairy products, certain foods are better at alkalising. What we’ve done is put together a chart that shows which foods form more acids and which alkalise better.

The evils of sugar, pH levels and thrush.
What you eat affects your body ph levels

Did you know that if your body’s pH level is reading too acidic (lover than 7.0) than your body will send you brain signals that it needs more sugar.
This is the basis for sugar cravings. It must be known that thrush thrives on sugar, so this can become a very debilitating and harmful circle. Don’t give into sugar cravings or try to balance your pH levels with sugar. Instead utilise the supplements in this article to do the balancing for you.
Once you have balanced your pH level back to neutral or slightly alkaline then you will notice your cravings decrease significantly or even disappear altogether.

How you can tell if your body’s pH level is not in balance.

Sometimes the signs that your pH level is out of wack are obvious such as a burning sensation when urinating or an acidic taste in your mouth, but most of the times it is very hard to tell!

The best idea is to get some pH testing strips. They are very common and easily found in chemists, drug stores or on amazon.

Here are the pH strips we recommend –HealthyWiser Ph Test Strips. They are also the number 1 most recommended strip on amazon.


Here’s a quick rundown of how to complete an acid test (or pH level test).

Saliva : Note – Do this before you brush your teeth in the morning. Fill your mouth with saliva and swallow. Do this twice. Then, spit onto your pH test strip. The reason you swallow twice before spitting is to ensure a clean saliva sample. Make sure to measure your saliva pH in the same way later on in the day. Make sure that both tests are at least 2 hours after your last meal.

Urine : Simply collect a small sample of your urine into a clean glass container. Proceed to dip the pH strip into the container.

Then match the pH strip to the associated color on the pH pack. This will determine your pH level.

I forgot…What’s a normal pH level again?

You want the pH of your saliva to be resting in a range of about 7-7.4. This will mean your body is happy and healthy. If measuring your urine then aim for a reading of 6.5-7. The difference between saliva and urine ranges is because your urine will naturally tend to be more acidic as it is eliminating waste accumulated in your body.

Ph levels for combating vaginal thrush

So now you know how important a healthy pH level is to helping you cure your vaginal thrush condition!
Remember to measure your levels daily if you are not in a healthy range otherwise once per week is enough.


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