What are the best soap substitutes in 2017 for thrush?

Last Update May 28th, 2017

Thrush Crusader’s Top 5 best soap substitutes for thrush in 2017!

Eeek, I’ve got a yeast party in my vagina!

Thrush (commonly referred to as “yeast infection” or “candida infection”) is a bacterial infection caused by an overgrowth of the candida fungus in your vagina. You might get this for a number of reasons, but one of the common ones is when the pH levels in your vajayjay are unbalanced.

Your vagina has a certain level of acidity that is perfectly harmonised by your body. When your pH levels shift due to poor diet, menstrual blood, antibiotics, overcleansing etc, your acidity of your vagina takes a dive, giving the candida fungus a chance to thrive.

And this can mean only one thing. Invasion!  …of the candida fungus

While there are a number of treatments and cures for thrush (listed here!), it’s important that during your infection you don’t over-cleanse the area with normal scented soaps.


Overcleaning your lady parts with scented soaps and normal body washes are often too harsh for the sensitive skin “down there”. Standard soaps will remove any of the natural moisture that your vagina uses to balance your pH levels.

Here we’ll give you the top 5 soap alternatives to use to treat thrush and help restore the natural pH levels of your vagina!

5. Review of Vagisil pH Balance Feminine Wash

As the name suggests, Vagisil is one of the best customer rated products to restore your vagina’s pH level and cleanse your sensitive and sore vagina

It contains Lactobiotic, a specially formulated additive which works to restore the natural pH balance in your vagina, whilse including a botanical blend of Aloe, Calendula and Chamomile to give you a super soft, fresh scent after you shower. Simply replace your current soap with this and your vagina will be thanking you within minutes!

What others are saying:

Amazon Review – Ada stars (5/5) – Before I used this product I always had problem with yeast. I’ve been using it almost 15 years, and in all this years, I had yeast infection only once or twice. Never ever would I use any other product!

Amazon Review – Susan K. McNish  stars (5/5) – This body wash is just terrific. I get a yeasty heat rash during the humid Southern summers. I use the wash with a natural sponge and the combination seems to enhance the cleansing effect. I leave it on while I wash my hair to prolong any medicinal effect.

4. Review of Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash

This feminine hygiene wash is specifically designed for the delicate and sensitive areas of your lady V, giving you a gentle and mild cleanse with absolutely, 100% NO soap or alkali.

Like Vagisil, it also works to restore your vaginal pH levels that support the ecological balance of the normal micro-flora ( a complex of good microorganism species or bacteria). Plus, this is so light it can be used daily.

What others are saying:

Amazon Review – lizzyt (5/5) stars (5/5) – I am on my 2nd bottle of this VJJ wonder-wash and I love it. I am prone to infections and this keeps them at bay. It has a very light, clean scent and I feel great after using it.

Amazon Review – HelloKitty stars (5/5) – Im using is product for over 5 years, my doctor recommend this product because it has pH balance for our women needed instead of using a body wash to clean our Intimate area. I would suggest you to consultation with your doctor first. I would give you a tip (actually My doctor tip) : When you wash your intimate area (using this sebamed or tissue paper), make sure you clean it up from front to back. I only use this product once a day.

3. Review of 100% Natural Feminine Wash by Nature Certified 

If you’re looking for a natural product that cleanses your vagina, consider Natural Feminine Wash by Nature Certified. This cleanser is 100% natural and 78% organic, made with biodegradable and plant-derived ingredients..

The natrual ingredients of lavender and ylang-ylang, lemon and lime oils give this a subtle fresh scent that won’t dry you out like other scented cleansers do. That being said, the scent is very mild so you might not notice it at all.

Also be aware that as this is an organic and natural product, the shelf life isn’t quite as long as some of the products containing chemicals in it (which could be a good thing!)

In any case, it’s a versatile cleanser that can be used on the face and body, and will assist in restoring the pH balance of your vagina which makes it a worthy addition to your shower cleaning kit.

What others are saying

Amazon Review – Cat stars (5/5)  I use this product as a feminine wash. In the past I’ve had problems with genital irritation and yeast infections. I’ve been using it for about 3 months now, and no yeast infections yet! So that’s a good sign for me! I’ve never noticed any scent, but it leaves me clean and happy down there (yay for pH balanced soaps!).

2. Review of Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash by Simply Sensitive 

One of the few listed products tested by dermatologists and gynacologists alike, this puppy washes away the odour causing bacteria setting up shop in your vagina and replaces it with a nice clean smell that’s as comforting as sleeping in fresh linen.

Like the others, it balances your pH levels, and is a great cleanser that leaves you feeling fresh and ready to go, but note that some users experienced dryness down there using it every day, even though it’s advertised as a daily cleanser.

If you buy it online, it comes in bulk saver packs (why, Amazon, why?!) which makes it hard to trial and a bit pricey for a first time purchase, but users rarely go back to other products once they use this.

Amazon Review – Dr Mom stars (5/5)  Bottom line: it works! Once I started using this product, I’ve always had that “fresh” feeling. No dryness or irritation. I use this product either ordered from online or bought in the store. I have come to find that it is a tad cheaper buying it from amazon in jumbo packs rather than individually.

Amazon Review – Shawnti stars (5/5)  I don’t even know how to begin to describe how this soap has changed my sex life! I love it!

1. Review of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Though it’s not directly advertised as a feminine wash, this Cetaphil cleanser is renowned for its effectiveness as a soap substitute for dry and sensitive skin. It’s dermatologically tested and won’t irritate your lady bits by stripping your skin of it’s natural oils and moisture, plus it’s versatile so you can use it on the rest of your body.

You only need a little bit to wash your bits, so it lasts a fairly long time. Plus, there’s no need to quickly shove it in the bathroom cupboard when guests come over as it isn’t specifically designed as a vaginal cleanser!

Amazon Review  zhabazon  stars (5/5)  When I find a product to be excellent, I tend to remain loyal. I may try others, but I return to the one which continues to prove it’s excellence year after year. Despite more costly products I’ve tried as samples, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser has been my cleanser of choice for many years. 

So there you have it, our top 5 soap alternatives to help treat yeast infections, thrush, or Candida fungus infections!

Remember now ladies, that although these soaps will contribute a whole lot to the health of your vagina and it’s pH levels, it’s not an immediate cure or treatment for thrush. These soap alternatives are best used in conjunction with other treatments such as these creams or suppositories to rid yourself of thrush, or as a preventative measure to keep your vagina healthy and happy!


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